People Data you can See with Your Own Eyes

Gather and interpret talent assessment data utilizing powerful, intuitive dashboards

Meet your new go-to for better hiring, better management, and better coaching. Dashboards with integrated analysis and ordering put your assessment data to work every time.

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Selection and Hiring

Make better selection decisions with tools that complement a rigorous screening and interviewing process.

Interviews get it wrong 50% of the time. That statistic gets worse when interviewing for management positions. Use people data to narrow the uncertainty gap with interview questions tailored to the individual. Pre-hire assessments are both legal and effective. Find out what you need to know quickly and precisely.

Selection and Hiring

Refine your candidate pool to avoid costly errors and eliminate unnecessary interviews.

Assess ahead of the hiring process to mitigate the cost of interviewing a pool of candidates who are likely not a good fit. Pre-hire assessments deliver actionable people data, fast. Know early, save time, and keep working.

Development, Coaching, Succession

Mine your current talent pool for hidden gems. Know what you didn’t know about your people.

Talent management doesn't have to be a black box. Identify high potential employees for coaching, professional development, and succession of key roles with meaningful, useable people data. Make talent decisions fairly and consistently.

Coaching and Development

Help coaching clients uncover and leverage their hidden and unacknowledged gifts. Like magic. But real.

Dive deep into client personality by seeing how traits interact with each other and how they help or hinder coaching objectives. Simple, but powerful, dashboards make sense of complex personality data every time. You’ve never coached like this before.
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Team Building, Development, and Cohesion

Get in front of collaboration breakdowns before they materialize and fester.

Half-way through a critical business initiative is not the best time to discover your team's personality triggers. Use intuitive dashboards to target the attributes that accelerate and decelerate team effectiveness. Model what works best. And repeat.


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