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Hiring and Selection

Make better selection decisions with tools that complement a rigorous screening and interviewing process

Interviews get it wrong 50% of the time. That statistic gets worse when interviewing for management positions. Use people data to narrow the uncertainty gap with interview questions tailored to the individual. Pre-hire assessments are both legal and effective. Find out what you need to know quickly and precisely.

Talent Analytics for Selection:
Interactive. Fast. Precise. Scalable. Affordable.

This is your new talent analysis suite. One source for integrated assessment analysis, ordering, hosting, and syncing. 


Your Assessment Flywheel

Enroll candidates with one click then let us take care of the rest. For each candidate, we communicate objectives and updates, send test links, and upload the results when they’re ready. Finally, we store the original report PDFs for you in secure storage. Easy peasy. 


Identify What Works. Then Repeat.

Apply the exact same analysis to individuals, teams, and entire organizations. See hundreds of candidates through the same lens and find the perfect match for the role.


Pre-hire assessments deliver actionable people data, fast.

Assess ahead of the hiring process to mitigate the cost of interviewing a pool of candidates who are likely not a good fit.  Know early, save time, and keep working.



Keeps Up with your Intuition

Add individuals to your analysis on the fly. Make comparisons across different groups to recognize new patterns and model what-if scenarios. Then share your brilliant insights with anyone you wish using by exporting any dashboard to PDF.


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