Introducing the people behind TalentUI


Christian Montoya

Principal and Cofounder

Christian Montoya is the Principal and Cofounder of TalentUI, a pioneering digital talent analytics firm. Christian created TalentUI to meet the challenges created by a fragmented assessment industry such as siloed people data, non-standardized reporting, and under-utilized data. He brings 13 years of strategic organizational consulting and 23 years of systems engineering and information design to bear in his role. He is joined by cofounder, Renée Montoya Lado, in their mission to advance the state of the art in assessment technology.

Christian joined the family business, Strategic Designs for Learning, in 2009 with a mandate to develop systems and products to augment service offerings. During this time he apprenticed under Renée Montoya Lado in her roles as advisor to senior executives, governance bodies, and ultra-high net worth families. Christian drove the firm's personality assessment offerings where he began to develop an assessment-agnostic platform that could aggregate, analyze, and present people data. After years of real-world application and progressive iterations, that platform evolved into the engine that powers SDL Technologies today.

Christian has led functions and programs in defense contracting, pharmaceutical, and professional services firms, specifically regarding information security, enterprise accounting, regulated information systems (21 CFR Part 11), and digital production (web, video, print). 


Renée Montoya Lado


Renée is an organizational development practitioner with forty years of strategic leadership experience and consulting with small, mid-range and large companies in a broad range of fields, including the manufacturing, corporate real estate, hospitality, technology and insurance sectors. Renée founded Strategic Designs for Learning in 1999, who specializes in working with family owned businesses, their families and their governance boards.

Previously, Renée was Executive Vice President of Talent Development for an international firm that provided information technology and consulting services in the private and public sectors. In this position she was responsible for both line and staff operations internally as well as for external coaching with senior executives, senior officers and executive teams.

Renée holds advanced degrees in Behavioral Psychology, Policy Analysis and Pastoral Psychotherapy and is certified in the use of numerous assessments and instruments including the Caliper Profile™, HR Chally Instrument™, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, the Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks™ Instrument and Corporate Development Group’s Culturetek™. She has developed a number of proprietary tools that can be used with family owned businesses including Executive Dimensions™, The Success Print™ and A Family Mosaic™. She is a Certified Wealth Advisor through the Institute for Preparing Heirs and is a member of the American Psychological Association, Association of Managers of Organizational Design, American Counseling Association and Organizational Development Network.