How Talent UI Pricing Works


There are three parts to the Talent UI platform - each part works together to power exceptional talent insights and decisions

1. Assessments
2. Data Space
3. Access

1. Assessments

Priced per individual assessment

Assessments are the instruments that provide deep data about people. They come in all shapes and sizes - some are great for assessing front line people, some are great for executives and even families. We send your people assessments for them to complete, then we automatically upload the results to your data space where you can make great decisions. You can think of Assessments as the input to the process.

Talent UI is perfect for organizations that have already adopted an assessment strategy and those just getting started. Talent UI can accommodate almost any assessment data and we proudly offer the following assessments directly:

  • Chally Assessment
  • FIRO-B
  • Learning in Action We-Q Assessment
  • MBTI
  • Talogy Caliper
  • TKI

2. Data Space

Price based on the number of people records and features required: Correlation, Machine Learning, API, and more

This is where the magic happens. Our Talent UI Engine powers your organization’s Data Space, which is where all of your assessment and other people data is transformed, stored, and computed. Our cloud-native database technology stores your data securely, then we employ machine learning and correlation studies to uncover insights across your organization’s data silos, like:

  • Which personalities rate higher in performance reviews over time?
  • What is the Problem Solving profile of historically high-performing people in your organization?
  • For any given personality profile, how likely is this person to excel in a role in your organization?

3. Access

Priced according to the tools that you need: Standard or Enhanced

Every Talent UI client includes Standard Access featuring:

  • Interactive grids for spreadsheet-like analysis of group and people data
  • Interactive debriefs and presentations for web, tablet, and smart board
  • Custom client/group debrief and meeting slides
  • Export to PDF, Excel, CSV, and Power Point
  • Secure, anytime access via web and mobile

For clients that benefit from expanded analytical tools and more direct access to their talent data, we offer Enhanced Access, which adds capabilities to:

  • Create new visualizations and reports of your organization’s data using drag-and-drop templates
  • Share custom visualizations and reports with the rest of your organization

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