Succession and Development

Mine your current talent pool for hidden gems. Know what you didn’t know about your people.

Effective succession is about people and continuity. Assess the qualities that make your best people shine. Then match them to the qualities that drove your success to begin with. All this is knowable and accessible.

Advanced Talent Planning with rich data and dashboards

Talent management doesn't have to be a black box. Identify high potential employees for coaching, professional development, and succession with meaningful, useable people data.


Surface blind spots and hidden strengths in your people and teams.

Identify and select high potential employees for coaching & professional development. Set you and  your people up for success.

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Live, Talent Modeling

Add individuals to your analysis on the fly. Make comparisons across different groups to recognize new patterns and model what-if scenarios.


See your people from every angle

Zoom in to the interaction between personality traits to surface motivators, triggers, and insights unique to that individual.


Full Service

When you order your report with us, we take your results and input them into your dashboard. Then we store the original reports for you in secure storage. Access your data and documents when you need them and let us worry about the busywork.


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