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120+  Unique Data Points
40+  Live Analyses
20+  Years of Product Evolution
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1. Comprehensive intel for predicting performance

Surface strengths, challenges,
and pain points

Model different succession planning scenarios

Create and benchmark high performance teams

Recognize what's working for you, what isn't, and why


2. Just in time for strategic talent initiatives

Executive Hiring and Selection

Executive Team Development

Executive Coaching and Development

Succession Planning

Executive Team Selection

Strategic Talent Management


3. When you need real answers from your data

Does this executive/team prefer competition over compromise when disagreements occur?
How does loyalty and pragmatism influence decision making? Internally and externally.
How does this executive/team balance the need to act and the need to deliberate more? Does this executive/team have a hard time executing?
Which executive/candidate can drive innovation in the enterprise and governance?
What is this executive/teams's need for affection, warmth, and sensitivity?
Does this executive team have a personality representation that could contribute to better decision making?
Who in this team/candidate pool can drive enterprise results using existing teams and resources? Who can drive results given a different team and resources?
What is the analytical and creative capabilities of this executive team?
How does this individual handle responsibility and blame when stressed?
Who are the intuitive decision makers? Who are the more deliberate ones?
What is this executive/team's capacity and need for connection with others?
What is this team's collective and individual tendency towards impulsivity?
What is this team's collective and individual need to know and play by the rules?
How does this executive team include outsiders and new stakeholders in their ranks?
How likely is this executive/team to accommodate or compromise when conflicting with outside parties?
What is this executive's capacity for understanding their emotions as well as the emotional experience of others?
Who best represents the firm to the world in a forward-facing role?
Who most likely to rally the firm and it's governance when action is needed?
What is this team’s collective and individual capacity for effective communication?
What is this team's collective and individual decision making style?

Executive assessment is the art of seeing key players as they are and as they could be. It's about determining which of us would make the best decisions, which of us is most resilient, who connects best with us. It’s about all this and other factors we haven’t yet considered - now and in the future.

Executive Dimensions surfaces these insights quickly and reliably. We developed and refined this multi-instrument study over 20 years of executive coaching and family enterprise/ultra high-net worth advising. It’s the tool that we’ve reached for first when we needed real insights before, during, and after decisions involving key talent.

What's included

  • Self-Service access to Executive Dimensions portal 
  • Orientation and Hand-off consultations
  • Caliper Profile administration and analysis
  • Chally Assessment administration and analysis
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B) administration and analysis
  • Learning in Action EQ in Action (EQP) administration and analysis
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) administration and analysis
  • SDL Executive Survey administration and analysis
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) administration and analysis

How it works

  1. You identify the individuals that will participate in the study.
  2. We confidentially administer and manage all psychometric instruments and surveys to your participants. Results are uploaded to your secure online portal as we receive them.
  3. We meet with you (and/or your team) to show you the best ways to use your new tools and get started with your most pressing issues.
Qualified advisors are available before, during, and anytime after the Executive Dimensions study to support your objectives.

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